Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is Ben’s birthday. The Ben I’m dating. Otherwise known as Hoyt (a pseudonym he hated, so I chose) or the GWN (Giant White Novio, even though we aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend).

Ben is TWENTY TWO today. Or, as Tepera so sweetly put it, I’ve been dipping into the kiddie pool (ridiculous. I’ve been pulled into the kiddie pool!) But benefit of dating a younger man? Fewer items to put on  a list tied to his birthday.


So, in honor of his Birthday, 22 things I appreciate about Ben.

  1. He understands me.
  2. He’s smart! (you have to be, to understand me ;)
  3. He likes to serve (and he does – all the time)
  4. He is learning Spanish so he can argue with me. In Spanish ;) (he’s really just learning Spanish because I mentioned I like speaking it)
  5. He drives everywhere. (I hate driving and avoid it whenever I can.)
  6. He’s good with kids (and helped me watch 30 of them two weeks ago!)
  7. He plays guitar. And is teaching me.
  8. He’s a good sport (see #4).
  9. I can tell him anything and he’ll be kind and patient and selfless in his response.
  10. Clearly, he plays with me.
  11. He will admit he’s wrong. And sometimes, he’ll “be wrong” even when I really am, just to settle the fight. Unless it’s about theology. ;)
  12. He takes me on dates. And when we’re going to be separated for 26 days, he takes me on a SUPER date (lunch, movie, mall, friends’ house for dinner and board game, meeting up w/ out-of-town friends at a bar, strolling through christmas lights, then home for some late night coffee – specially bought for me!)

17. He built all the furniture in my apartment.
18. He dances. Silly. And with perfect abandon. At weddings.
19. Speaking of weddings, he looks great in a suit!

21. He acts a lot like Jesus
22. And he helps me like Jesus more.


Thx for being you, bud. You’re a good friend to date. ;)


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