Why and How: Uganda

The first week of January, I had a little text conversation.

“Hey, random but end of Dec-Beginning of Jan, we’re thinking of going to Uganda. Wanna come?”

“Yeah.” (What am i gonna do, sell a kidney? but i’ll figure it out!)

“Okay. We’re going to take you.”


“Yeah. Tell me what dates work for you, D has to take vacation.”

“As long as I’m back by the 18th when calsses start, we’re golden!”

A week later we had dates booked.

A week after that, I was signing a sheet of paper saying I’d be in Uganda for missionary purposes so I could be allowed in the country.

A week after that was Christmas and a week after that is now.

What a strange life this is.

I hope to tell you more, to flesh out the story, bringing you the details that are so amazing I cannot help but giggle every time about how good God is at knowing everything – including the perfect way to bless everyone all at once.

But for now I can tell you this (cause, I’m kinda in  a hurry, what with getting ready to leave the continent) : I am going to Uganda. My flight leaves from San Antonio on Tuesday, Jan 4, around 2 pm. I have layovers in Chicago and Istanbul and arrive in Entebbe at 3am local time. I’ll be spending exactly 10 days there, and boarding a plane to come back 3am local time on the 16th and will arrive in San Antonio around 10pm that night (stateside night) ;)

Oh, AND, if you’ve got a mosquito net or  some luggage you want to lend me, leave a comment.

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