You Can Also Listen

I’m sleepy.

And i’ve read three of the sections of the scripture for today. (yesterday, when you read this)

But the chronicles section (1 Chronicles 2) isn’t something I’m intending to get in to. Like, there is a LOT to learn from these genealogies, and especially if you’ve got the great study tool that I do, the ESV study Bible (or access to or even but…


I just don’t have it in me to really dive into this section.


And that’s okay. It’s okay. It’s important to read, even when you’re just reading to know the story, and God is maybe speaking to you more through sermons or prayers or other scripture. But in those times, we shouldn’t neglect to at least READ.

Or, to listen.


If you go to (or sometimesĀ you can enter the text you’re reading…



This is great if your eyes hurt.

Or if you want to close you eyes and listen, try to picture what happened.


Or if you’re reading a long genealogy that you’re just not that in to, and you’d rather listen (but, please, still pay attention) than read.


Hope this helps! So hoping to continue sharing everything I can to help you enjoy the Bible this year!


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