Nature vs Nurture

Despite all the theory I am learning in school regarding developmental influences, I’m still lost.

Mostly because as time goes by, I see how similar my family is. How we share this set of random attributes that makes sure life is never boring. But it can’t be just nature, because we share few genes. For example, my little cousin Chloe (which I say even though she’s like six feet tall because she’s still seven years old in my head) just added me on facebook and I saw this photo.

she's the one with the streak. she's 8 years younger than I am.

which reminded me a LOT of me a few years ago

SAME streak! (different part)

Then I saw this one

Look at the dress

and now look at this


I don’t know why i don’t smile more in pictures but the point is: how do you think you came to be who you are? And if you realize that you’re not so much unique as just what happens when the cluster of things that make up your world are introduced to a person (you) does that make you sad?

Would you be you somewhere else?

Could you be someone else where you are?

And do you ever reconnect with family on Facebook after a long time and feel awkward (the last time i interacted with this girl we were both BRATS at age 9 and 17. We shared a room) ?


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