Why I Said Yes

I’m not sure what’s important in some areas of life.

I know what is important in all areas: Love for God and for others.

But in tithing, in dating, in media intake and in many other areas, I wonder about the particulars.

So why am I dating Hoyt? It was a logical thing.

I want to be married some day. You marry people by dating them first. Or if not “dating,” you use another word, like “courting” or giving it a try. There are a few deal makers/deal breakers. He made all the makers (good theology, makes me laugh) and didn’t break any of the breakers (he doesn’t lie to me, or do drugs).   He knows me better than any other man (although always in complete propriety) and I enjoy spending time with him. So ….combined with all the wisdom and prayer lent my by my core group of Godly women pouring in to me, I said yes. To “dating” Hoyt. Even though I wasn’t sure what he meant by it, because at that point, I knew I could trust that it meant something good.

And why is Hoyt dating me? He answered in an email.

When looking for a girl to date, I’m not the easiest to please.  I look for women who love Jesus more than they could ever love me, are disciplined, loving, caring, energetic, fun, spontaneous, talkative, random, have a great sense of humor, and it certainly helps if they are attractive.  You met ALL of those criteria.  I didn’t know it the first time I met you.  But over the course of getting to know you from hanging out and from your blog ( :D ), it became apparent that you proved the be the type of woman worthy of pursuing.  And why am I dating you though?  I know that those are the characteristics that make you attractive, but why am I dating you?

I am dating you because you have all the characteristics of a Godly woman that define being a helper suitable to a husband’s ministry.  You’re exactly the kind of person that I look for in a wife.  So I’m dating you to determine whether or not I would like to marry you and you would like to marry me.  Obviously this is a decision that is far down the road and must be made by the two of us, but its a decision that I am working on trying to figure out.  Each and every day gives me more information to make this decision and it makes me excited.  Excited to see where God is taking this.  I think you are great.  You think I am great.  If we end up married, that will be amazing.  But if we don’t, we know that God has something even BIGGER in store for the both of us.  Either way, this is an exciting time!

I’ll probably steal some more from that email to give you tomorrow. It’ll mostly be for the dudes.


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