Well THAT was Awkward

it’s 5pm where i am

and 8 am where my blog  posts

and there isn’t much internet here,

and i just got done watching a romcom (the Holiday) and was ABOUT to take a nap (hello, VACAY)

which proves it was a MIRACLE that I got online

to see that a blog posted

that…given current circumstances, did NOT need to post.

so if you were one of the three who clicked,

or you have google reader,

i’m either sorry or you’re welcome. (depending on how dark your sense of humor is).

And if you AREN’T one of the above,


Uganda is amazing. I’m having a great time. I’m loving time to just


and think

and hold babies. and go to the pool. and hang out. etcetera. 

andplusalsotoo let’s get together for a Princess Bride quote along when i get home. Cause I honestly no matter how good of a time I am having miss you. I MISS you! That’s so weird.



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