Race Horses and Passwords

During an amazing prayer and worship time this morning, Lewis came over to me to give me the following message:

Race horses, the ones that win, are specially bred with hearts twice as big so that they can run hard and fast and keep going. Their hearts can do more. So with us, specially made with bigger hearts. Jesus has given us bigger hearts – so at the times when others would stop or could not continue- we race on. We perservere. I thought that might have some relevance for you.”

And, Lewis, it did. But for YOU (peoplefriendreaders) I’m going to let you meditate on this for yourselves.

Also, the about-to-publish three part series is my first experiment in “Password Protected publishing.” If you send me a msg or leave a comment, I’ll give you the password, but these aren’t posts I want accessible to everyone willy-nilly. We’ll see how the format works out.


3 thoughts on “Race Horses and Passwords

  1. As a faithful reader, who wishes she saw your face more often than read your words, and who had to read yesterday’s post 3 times to fully understand what had happened, I am humbly requesting the password…BUT will not be offended if you choose not share it. xoxo

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