Thanks, Reverend Doctor

Happy Saturday.

I know it’s the middle of January, but I’m in Uganda,

so i’m about to go to the pool

because that sounds like a great way to spend the last few hours I’m here.


At midnight saturday in Uganda, we leave for the airport,

and at midnight sunday in Austin, I should arrive at my door.

Making for the longest date I’ve ever experienced (33 hours).


I’m excited about coming home. And a bit anxious. Part of the irrational crazy of me is afraid no one missed me and I won’t have any friends when I get back. Expect Lovey, who is now one of my absolute best friends. This trip was great for us.

But it might be just a bit hard to transition back.

But maybe it won’t. Maybe it’ll just be great. God tends to take a lot of things that could be hard and make them just great.


Oh. But I AM really grateful for Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And his day. Which will make MY day on MLK day much much easier. ;)



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