Beckenbach, Texas (state)

My Prof for today is named Beckenbach. beckenbach. i bet my lips are moving right now. beck.en.bach.

and I have silly putty,

and a large coffe

which i only got charged for a small,

and I did NOT argue because:

  1. i brought my own tumbler and I’m taking it as a “going green” discount
  2. and it may have also been a little something special, for a pretty girl, which I’m also not going to argue with because THAT thought counteracts the current imaginary social pariah-ness I’ve been feeling AND
  3. duh. save 20 cents. who argues with that?
  4. not this girl.

culture shock has NOT been as bad this time as every time prior.

it’s been different.

different is good.

different means new ways to grow, stretch, learn, and love Jesus.


Oh right, back to Beckenbach, putty, and coffee.

between those and blogging (shh-itsasecret)

i’ll probably stay awake in class.

i mean. maybe.


3 thoughts on “Beckenbach, Texas (state)

    • i heard NOTHING but bad things about how boring he is. and we were ROLLING the whole class. It ended and we we all kinda looked around thinking, “What, it’s three hours later?”

  1. I LOVED Beckenbach! Had him for six hours back to back two semesters ago. You will love him. Wait until he gets excited and starts jumping around the room.

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