thoughts from delirium

i have lost the power chord to my computer. looking more and more like i need to quit life and become a chupacabra. or maybe a marshmallow.

mourning the inacurrate or non existent version of something is about as useful as…. a starbucks card in Zambia. Oh, actually that works quite well as a metaphor. analogy? metagy? analophor? ewwwww.

Gimme three steps, gimme thee streps, oh i don’t want strep throat!!

fear is like the opposite of loving Jesus.

no but seriously, where is my power chord?

i’ve got a freaking LONG paper to write.

I’m never going to make it. It’ll take a miracle.

Oh well in that case, i’ll make it.

maybe i can shower and go work at the office.

delusion. i can’t drive. i barely know which way is up.

thank the Lord that I can’t sleep. it’s what He had for me so it must be what i needed, even though it’s not what I’d choose.

remember truth.

Remember God’s character.



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