the Perspective of a Giraffe


Studying at  a book store recently, I hopped down the stairs in search of the ladies room. On my way, I locked eyes with a friendly, handsome man whose smile I happily returned. Then I got down a few more steps, was able to see his face clearly (didn’t have contacts in) and realized it was the Giraffe! (The Giraffe is a good friend from UT.)

He was on his lunch break and ended up joining me at my table to eat. I wish I could chronolog his cute little quirks (including eating with one hand while pristinely reading a book from the store with the other, in such a fashion that I was sure he’d done this many times previous) but that’s not today’s story.

See, we were catching up, and I told him how I’d seen/talked to both of my last two exes this week. He asked me how I felt about it (what a counselor!) and I said,

“I mean, I dated a man for whom there was no end to passion, but who didn’t understand a thing I said. Then I dated my best friend who understands everything about me, but for whom I felt nothing more than a strong sibling’s affection. I guess it’s nice…I never really thought either of those things existed.”

“Aren’t you excited about finding the one who’s both?”

“…..I don’t really believe that’s possible.”

The twinkle in his eyes and his half-way smile said, “C’mon, sister, we’ve got a strong, mighty, sovereign God for our Daddy.” but his mouth only said,

“Yeah. It’s possible.”


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