no mirrors

::from when i was in Uganda::

another great thing here is that there is no mirror in the bathroom. Great because honestly, I’m looking a little rough.

but I don’t care. I don’t care what I look like here so long as it’s not offending anyone and I’m comfortable. And, for whatever reason, (probably just God’s abundant grace) I’m totes comfy looking like a scrub. No, not a scrub, just… I mean my nose is HUGE right now and I would look a lot more like a girl with mascara, but even KNOWING those things, I just feel



and wanted.

Not cause the kids or the Ugandans say so, but because God says so, and I’m feeling very satisfied in him right now.

And I think PART of that is that I don’t have mirrors to remind me of the possibility to think otherwise.


i eventually found a mirror. meep!




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