Quotes from a Ugandan Night Out

We went out to dinner last night. Our first night here but

a)it’s vacations and

b) lovely (lovey’s sister who lives here) never gets to go out so …ya know..sufferin’ to support missionaries. ;)

When we arrived to the Ugandan German Barbeque (yes, take it all in) place (I had Chicken Schnitzel) we assumed it was Karaoke night.

Nope. That was the band. It’s was too bad to not be good, so I wrote down the set list:

I Will Survive
Let it Be
Stand By Me/Beautiful Girl mashup
Hotel California
Bye Bye Love
Money Can’t Buy me Love (ya see what they did there?)
Johny Be Good
Hey Jude
they took  a break and played songs on the radio
(here, we played a bang your head on the table game – but it wasn’t like it sounds)
Love Me For Me
Living in the Bayou
You Gotta Know When To Hold Em
and as we walked out, Killing Me Softly.

Fun set. Notawesome transitions. Fun singers. More fun lyrical issues. (“Now I’m saved up all my love for somebodies loving me!”) But there were three good guitars up there and one guy who I am assuming beat the real electric player over the head, stole his instrument, and slipped onstage, unnoticed. Despite the atrocities that were happening to an otherwise pleasant melodic structure, (Just…imagine someone poorly playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in the middle of “Stairway to Heaven” confused? Perfect!) we bopped along and contemplated taking the stage in a “we can’t possibly be worse” style coup d’etats.

But all of this just added to the fun of the evening. We had a blast, talking about bat-belly-buttons, building structures, what a guy (named MAGNUM I’M NOT JOKING) will take the next times he gets Malaria (he’s just assuming he will) and, ya know, typical dinner table type stuff. likeido. All while I was designing lovey’s new tatto (Don’t tell Mr love!)

the following are real quotes. But no clues on who said em:

“Be careful what you say around Ritz. She WILL tweet it.”
“What’s More important to you? Points or money?” “DIGNITY” “That’s off the table.”
“And then they all turned into hillbillies.” “There is a difference between hillbillies and rednecks, did you know?” “Enlighten us.”
“Good luck with your toilet!”


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