Research On How It Happens

I’ve taken to just telling people that I’m in research mode and would like their input on love, singleness, etc.  It’s opened up a world of new and amazing relationships as people share from their hearts in more ways than one.

I’ve heard this phrase from a few people:

“it just happens”

“It” being finding, for lack of a more theologically accurate term, the love of your life.

And  that may be the most infuriating for an achiever-type, as this means there is nothing one can do other than just be.  There is no control here. And i don’t think anyone (who has said this to me) is saying that we should be passive towards the ones we adore. I just think that like there was nothing I could do to make God find me, there is nothing I can do to make love find me. It will happen when it will happen.

And that, to me, is a GLORIOUS, freeing, beautiful thought. Makes me wanna go pick daisies and sing songs. So, if any dudes out there like that sort of thing… ;)


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