it’s a MIRACLE (bathing suit photos- fair warning)

Literally how I felt when I found this bathing suit.

Pianoanna (my disciplerfriend) has been encouraging me to ditch the string bikini (or at least the top) in favor of something a bit less…composed of strings for a while now. And I have a couple of one pieces that, when paired with shorts, I don’t hate. But that’s the most affection I can profess for the darn things. It was impossible, no matter how much I searched to find a one piece that was both cute and conservative. Even modestly modest. I mean, I get that bikinis that are attached by a bit of chain between the top and bottom are sold as “one-piece” bathing suits but…that’s not really the thing for which I was going. Anyway, my new favorite store (because if you look for well made things amongst the lesser pieces, you can get GREAT deals) Burlington Coat Factory, rolled out some bathing suits when I was there this week and lookie what I found. In case you are wondering, no, there is no non-awkward way
to do a self-photo-shoot-in-a-bathing-suit-in-January.

taa-daa! (i even sorta smiled. you

Why this is a GREAT bathing suit for me: it addresses all my issues. Which are plentiful. Let’s start with what I’ve already said. I would love to go to the pool and feel comfortable no matter who is around. This puppy has me covered. (literally)

came with attachable straps that go halter/crisscross/regular
according to preference. I

Also, it emphasizes what honestly, just isn’t there but it would make me look less androgynous if is was. (Let’s just say that when my apt names the flowers we get, I’m always the late bloomer.)

from this angle you really understand. But at least


It’s snug enough to stay in place (i may have practiced calisthenics in the wardrobe to be sure) but has the helpful ruching on the side to hide where “fit” meets “bump on my rump”

If you, like me, have …what does Lejcar call it? Oh yes, lumpy bumper, this extra bit of fabric (NOT SKIRT) on the sides helps make this a suit that is comfortable to wear and be seen in. So why all the hullabaloo? Why take pics from all angles? Because I’m a freaking size 12 girl with limited assets (or…abundant assets, depending on where you look…which of course you don’t!) and I struggled for YEARS with body image/trying to be modest and not look like a frumpalump. And finding a well made bathing suit I can
wear in front of kids, friends, pastors, and everyone in between, one that was only $20, (yes. twenty, not even on sale) and feel confident is just… it really is a miracle. Thanks Jesus, for working on my heart and my eyes.



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