Self Indulgent

Any time I want to take a photo of something I wear, a new accessory (even if I made it or it was given to me) or a fun new outfit I’ve put together, I feel self indulgent. And limited. My camera would do a great job (paired with Picassa online editing) but I can’t get the pics on my computer unless I do it at work. My phone is fine but I always feel a little like a 15 year old using iphone photos. What’s wrong with liking myself? What’s wrong with 15 year olds? Not a darn thing. That’s just my approval idol SCREAMING at me.


let’s shut it up, shall we?


On break up day, I cried about eight buckets of tears. So i looked awful. So it was really a “i need to wear make up or people will be suspicious that I got hit in the face” day. I decided (for no good reason other than dehydration, maybe) to experiment with eyeliner. Then accessories. Then photos. Enjoy.


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