12 (not monkeys)

Having a bout of feeling overload the other day, I stopped and thought that I should ask someone to pray for me.


because I believe in prayer, but i was having a hard time getting there. I needed someone to interceded, to stand in the gap, to do for me what i could not muster the moxy to do for myself.

And I thought of one name. And then I thought of 12. TWELVE.

like these goofy geese.


or this goofy goat (ram?) ;)


Twelve people right off the top of my head who i KNEW i could trust to pray for me if I asked, who probably pray for me a lot even when I’m not asking! I made a little drawing out of it.


I feel (and am) so incredibly blessed to be so well loved. Sometimes all I can see is the people who DON’T want to love me. Or even those who do, but I won’t let, and it complicates things. I will believe every twisted bad explanation for things (like: I’m broken. I’m bad. I make bad things happen. There is no good thing I do. Things that simply are not true of me in light of the Gospel) and never consider any good ones.

Well good thing I’ve got my interceders to stand in the gap. And to send me funny text messages.

“You are just too darn loveable. [Husaband] agrees with me. I don’t know how a guy could be freidnds with you and not want to fall in love with you. You radiate Jesus. I almost feel sorry for them. ;)”


sender of text messages. lover of my heart! wearer of silly head accessories (a pattern in my friends?)



The moral of the story is: Pray for people, and let them pray for you. Remind people of the truth and believe the truth. And send funny text messages. And probably don’t be my friend if you’re a dude. (mostlyjaykay or mostlynot?) ;)


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