I’m Not Sure I’m Gonna Make It

Let’s not be too dramatic here, I’m referring to getting to Lent.

For lent this year, I’m doing away with social media. I’ll celebrate the usual way and break fast on Sundays, probably to give updates, but otherwise, no facebook, twitter, or blog.

I have to keep The City (i mean I joyfully keep it as part of the job i love…and am obliged to even if i wasn’t joyful about it).

And I have posts enough to last me until March 6th, when Lent starts (oh yeah, less than 28 days so start thinkin’) but most of them I’m not going to post. Because they’re about feelings. Feelings about the break up. And you know what I’ve learnt (purposeful misspelling for the country charm)?

Relationships that are considered public domain can be tricky.

Breakups that are public domain (and especially not just the info you put out there, but the conjectures others feel free to share) are AWFUL.

if these birds break up, they're in for a world of hurt. puttin' it out there ain't easy, folks.

Oh yeah, and going live w a relationship during the Holidays, when ppl have lots of time off, that’s not the safest thing either. That’s not bitterness talking, it’s just a quick word-to-the-wise.

i thought the trash blocking the light was a good spiritual analogy.

Anyway God is sovereign over my feelings and the relationship and people’s conjectures and the timing of Holidays, but all of that has taught me that some people already believe what they’re going to believe. And it isn’t good. And if I want smiles I might oughtta just keep my little mouth shut. (Really, did you know my mouth is ironically too small for my tongue, widthwise? Particularly ironic cause my tongue is too short to stick out of my mouth.)

And, again, let’s not be too dramatic, but I am…

oh how can I say this?

BALLS TO THE WALL OUT OF MY MIND ALL OVER THE PLACE. And yes, by balls I mean the bouncy ones on the kidstuff logo cause i don’t even know what else I could mean . Duh.

So crazy that on my snow day, i ordered iced coffee. I usually even order my water withOUT ice!

The other week in class, i kinda-sorta (not really at all)got tricked into saying that i have recurring nightmares, right in the middle of when we’re discussing Freud. And if you don’t know, like i didn’t, that freudian theory says people with recurring nightmares are, professionally speaking, NUTBAGS, you kinda feel foolish after admitting such a thing. my reaction? (thank the Lord’s good grace it was not out loud) was

“HOLY FLAMING CRAPBALLS.” Again with the balls. Sorry guys.

just me, or ubercuter?

::mybad, y’all. nuggets. it was holy flaming crap NUGGETS. (i wrote it down)::

Oh yeah. And, last night, I spent no less than three whole minutes searching for my glasses. THEY WERE ON MY HEAD.

no i was not this cute while looking. i was squirrelly. like a squirrel attacked by fireants, patting things down lest my glasses be beneath them

Anyway, I just thought maybe, what with the angry north wind outside and dark menacing skies that, if they were music, would be the soundtrack to The Dark Knight, I would share. Laugh with me, people friends.


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure I’m Gonna Make It

  1. This post makes me think of the David crowder video where they are attacked by squirrels…..that throw nuts …
    Love your honesty.

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