Jackson Pollack

I mentioned back at the first chill that my winter clothes has been somehow lost. I was left with my high school letter jacket and a few long sleeve shirts. Of course, then the Dancer (who would see me lacking something just as soon as she’s saw off her own hand) gave me two coats and warm accessories. And I found various other ways of keeping warm. (I’m all about layers.)


Anyway, after about twentyseven times of chastising myself over my jealous eyes everytime I see someone in an easy-on, low-fuss hoodie, I broke down and spent $10 on my very own, reversible, half hot pink, half Jackson Pollock hoodie.


true class: toilets in the background.

Once again, peoplefriends, If you’ve got the time to look through racks to find the good stuff, Burlington Coat Factory is your best friend. If you don’t have time, call me and I’ll come watch your kids. ;)



3 thoughts on “Jackson Pollack

  1. Ohhhh girl! I love this and it’s sooooo you! Bright, delightfully crazy, and utterly eye-catching! :)


    Let’s do lunch again soon!

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