Prediction for Single’s Awareness Day

First of all, let’s collectively take a moment to appreciate that Singles Awareness Day can otherwise be called:


Sweet acronym snarkiness.

Moving on!

I’m calendaring right now. Spending some of my vacay to plan the semester. I don’t want things to sneak up on me. Like Lent (not sure what i’m giving up, but I do know that it starts later this year – March 6th.) Or Easter (I LOVE EASTER) on April 23rf.

But I’m also looking at my blog schedule. I love blogging. It helps keep me from exploding and keeps you up with what I’m doing.


(It at least keeps you up with what I did. a month ago. ;) It’s 6 am the morning of Jan 7th in Uganda right now, as I’m writing. )

So I had the spot for Feb 14th open. Now when I’m writing this, I’m single. And judging by the past year, (and my affinity for friendly or social justice concerned, as opposed to romantic, traditions) I have the following prediction for Valentine’s Day:

I will go to class (330-630).

Then meet up with some friends for a happy hour. I’m hoping for the soul twin, the dancer, my belle, and the social worker. Maybe bubba and some dudes can come too. If they aren’t poops.

We’ll all be cute.

Cause we are.

And we’ll tell jokes and talk about how much we love Jesus.

And hopefully by then figure out a way to be missional with the day.


But as for romance, I’m guessing (and NOT complaining!) that I’ll be nullsville.

Anyway, I’ll take a pic tonight and let you know how it actually goes. Any guesses?


2 thoughts on “Prediction for Single’s Awareness Day

  1. If you wanted to hang out with me and go to a happy hour tonight, this blog might not have been the most effective way to communicate. Lucky for you, I’m reading this at work today.

    Love you. Let me know if those plans from a month ago for tonight do materialize.

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