Train’s first Rodeo

Oops, i forgot to write a post today.


guess what I did this weekend? I went to the rodeo! The 6th annual Kerri(mrs)-Jess-Ritz (and now)-Jake(dr)-Hank Rodeo. We saw Train. Yes, Train. oh YOU KNOW who Train is.


or even


Yep. These guys. At the RODEO.


we expected them to play songs we like.

we did NOT expect them to win or hearts about a million times over. but they did. they were just so fun.

Here are a few pics from the night.


First of all, I woke up from a nap with my boots on and FANTASTIC hair.

Then the squeezy was my seat buddy on the way to the AT&T center.

I kept her entertained with bubbles that yes, i so happen to keep in my purse.

The original troupe - we saw Montgomery Gentry in 2006, and Train this year.

I asked Dr Zinsmeyer if his hair was like this all day. "Probably," he said,"I'm a dr, I do what I want." (he was joking)


I wish i’d snapped some more shots, I used to be much better when I still had the cord from my camera to my computer, but now that its so much effort to get the pics, i mostly just use my phone…which now takes (no exaggeration) at least 5 full seconds to “load” so….

yeah, i’m not taking as many photos.

but if i HAD taken more,

they would have included the Panda Cow. which i loved.


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