Cultural Sensitivity:Uganda

Cultural sensitivity is important to me. Despite appearances, I don’t like to just buck systems for the sake of being defiant. In fact, I don’t like being defiant. I just think purple hair is pretty. ;)

Anywho, I didn’t do much culture research before coming to Uganda. Any, really. This is atypical for me, but it wasn’t something I thought about, I just …came to Uganda. I didn’t even know WHERE. I got my tickets and itenerary…. well actually never, but I did get my boarding pass…when i arrived at the airport with Lovey. So, not a lot of , what would you call it, analyzing. This was a much more go-with-the-flow trip.

But I have learned some helpful tidbits. Like they have these things called chipati. I thought it would be like Indian chipati. But it’s not. It’s like a tortila. A work they don’t have in this language. You know what word they do have?


And it’s bad. I don’t know what it means but it’s BAD and if you say it, the Ugandan who is over for dinner will clasp his hand over his mouth and run out of the room. So i’ve heard.

Also? This:

means peace.


Means ….::ahem:: something I can’t blog. But ….in america it would be like doing the same, but without the index finger. I learned that on my own. (the hard way).

Also don’t come to Uganda and expect to fit in if you’re a ragamuffin. Even in the slums, they will cock an eyebrow. These people are CLEAN. With far fewer resources they have far better cleanliness than most of the college students I know. I brought my overalls forgetting that SOMEONE had gotten paint all over them ::coughmomcough:: and felt so disrespectful for wearing “dirty” clothes when I went to go hang out with the kids.

So word to the wise: don’t say taco. Don’t chunk the deuce. Don’t be a slob.

Kampala is cool.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Sensitivity:Uganda

  1. I’m surprised Ritz that you didn’t know the eastern culture of the fingers… it goes back to some europe thing, and bowsmen, and that if they lost in a battle, their two fore (?) fingers would be severed and to mock them they would hold up their fingers at them to show they dont have them anymore… crazy hey?

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