Ritz is a Weird Name

No matter where you go,

if someone asks you your name,

and you say, “Ritz,”

you’ll get funny looks.

at best.

And at worst,

children will stick their tongues out of their mouths, scrunch their eybrows, and slur out some guttural sound, with a lilt at the end to denote they are asking if they’ve said it correctly.

And since it’s so cute,

you’ll say that yes,  they have.


One thought on “Ritz is a Weird Name

  1. A leasing agent this past week told me her name was, “Mah-Rihh-T-Za” for us gringas. I thought, noooo this isn’t your name. You just told me you’re from “huatemala” – I’ll be happy to call you the correct pronunciation.

    Morale of the story: AUSTIN in less than 2 weeks!

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