Slam Bam and then a Sabbath




that’s the sound of my body trying to get itself up. I did it. and par for the course, couldn’t sleep last night till 4, then had nothing but nightmares….

so now. ow. bam. i’m creeky. my body is to heavy to get itself up. i need a crane and a giant pot of coffee. and a massage…. but last night….oh lucky for you, I took moments in the madness to pause and chronicle what happened.


man of the hour- homeboy was the 'father of psychodrama' is that even a title you'd want?



thursday nights in my Psychodramatic Methods class, we perform psychodramas. In short, we play through real life issues using J.L. Moreno’s techniques of engaging a difficult issue on stage with auxiliaries in such a way that we are learning to effectively lead clients through these things. And if the group of people “performing” will be into it, will commit to the work, it is BEAUTIFUL and SO MOVING.  So every Thursday night, I experience this fantastic catharsis. I want to come  home and create or make out or something just really fantastic with all the chutzpa and excitement I have from class.

This class and these methods remind me of Jesus in ways I’m not going to expound at the moment, but suffice it to say that every Thursday night, I get to shake off all the crap that doesn’t matter and really engage the stuff that does.


because all googleimages had for "falling in love" was lame. ;)



Last night was such an experience. It felt like falling in love. Exciting and revealing and really really right. AND ALL IN A CLASS! I was with this group of people and we shared. We were authentic and we cared about one another and we talked about things and MAYBE, if the junk I brought up had been from a darker place, I wouldn’t have felt so great, but God was wooing my heart hardcore for a few hours before class, just reminding me that I was His and that He was really glad about it. So when I had to display an emotion, they guessed “Longing…but peaceful.”

Yep. Nailed it. I want Him. I want to go Home. I want to look full on His beautiful face. But until then, I’ve got the peace of knowing it’ll happen, my fate is secured in Him.

andplusalsotoo then my professor told me i was born to be a therapist. AFFIRMATION ALL AROUND, peoplefriends. justsayin. felt good.

Anyway other than class, yesterday was a BEAT DOWN of just a lot (of things I enjoy) to do.  And I hadn’t really been cleaning up with everyday cleaning. So I spent some time with my roommate just hearing stories from her life (we’d not connected in a bit) and then


i mean like i said, i felt SO good. Jammin on the way home and giggling with the joy of the Lord and ready to do some dang stuff!

so the following is what i typed last night, in my frenzy:

i tell you what, a woman in love is a cleaning force to be reckoned with. Darcy would call tonite an accomplishement. if my clothes and things were the rainforrest , i would be the machine in ferngully, MERCILESSLY (but not without logic and assureance) SLASHING AND BURNING. Or pulling and bagging. For goodwill. Samsies?


apparently it's called the hexxus and it's MUCH SCARIER than i recalled



also, while cleaning, i found the other bra strap (and matching bra) to that one that followed me to and fell off of me AT work. Honestly, what would go through your mind if you stood up from your desk and BLOOP, down fell a bra strap? i’ll tell you:

  • That did NOT fall off me
  • i have to pick it up
  • i can’t pick it up
  • what if someone sees?
  • if i don’t pick it up, someone WILL see
  • how did i loose my brastrap?
  • OHMYGOD IS MY BRA ON? (yes. intact. strap on the floor is from other, convertible bra. one i own? jury out)
  • Good thing this is all inmy head cause im saying ‘bra’ a lot
  • where did that come from?
  • maybe onetime i made a BRAcelet  out of a brastrap. seems like something id do

cleaning closet. want more to fit. ooh! i can get more room by putting away winter clothes. oh…wait…

and i found SOCKS. this is SUCH A BIG DEAL. Do you know who i AM? I am the girl who does not own socks. Not only did i find socks, but SEVEN PAIRS. oh goodness. i feel like Scar on the lion king surrounded by jacklals (but not, or at least less, evil) A SHINY NEW ERA, IS TIPTOEING NEARER and it’s an era with SOCKS and no more frozen toesies at night. and JUST in time for…spring summer and fall…whatever, dreamkiller, don’t rain on MY parade!




anyway i didn’t finish all my organizing, but now that i can move more than my fingers, i’m going to stop typing and start cleaning again.

SABBATH!!!! (im saying it like william wallace but only in my head)


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