“So…are you single?..”

” ’cause i read your blog, and I can’t tell.”


Last night I went to watch the Quierdo in his new play, where he just so happens to be a “handsome prince” (THEIR description, not mine) with one of the strongest most inspirational women I know. Sweet C-A. She needs another name, which is funny because she said the above and continued with the below:

“I mean sometimes I think ‘is she?’ and there are names and nicknames and neighbors and…”

“Oh, yes, i was actually dating one of the neighbors, but I’m not anymore, and he was on the blog and I gave him a nickname.”


So. For the Record: I am 100% not dating anyone.  I am very very single. And very very not looking.  In fact trying very very hard to not be ANTI dating (just for me).

Also you goobs should go read yesterday’s post cause I thought it was funny.

And then go see Quierdo’s show.


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