I Am Not My Hair

What ever this post is about, it’s not that song by India Arie. Good song, though.

I got about a year’s worth of growth off my hair yesterday. I know, it was getting so long, and that was fun, but the ends were SCRAGGLY and it was at the point where all my hair would get tangled in the over processed white parts from the last time I got color put in.

smiles cant hide scraggles

Now, I LIKED that my hair was long. I liked the way i looked. And cutting so much off hurt. Because in some ways, I’ve become different than I was when I shaved my head in 2005 and then got a fauxhawk in 2008.  Now, hair that is still long but just not as extreme as it had been is so hard.

I suddenly felt unpretty.

And very plain.

I can’t properly explain it.

But i DONT like it. I DONT like being so attached to hair.  Caring so much about what I look like. Cause there is a limited amount of caring in the world and you spend too much of it on something that doesn’t matter, you’re asking for trouble.

Anyway, here is the AMAZING and wonderful haircut. And the silly but hopeful for refining me.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not My Hair

  1. Doll, you looks beautiful. I’m not just saying that to try and comfort you, I’m saying it because YOU are what makes you beautiful. I remember seeing you on campus when you shaved your head and being so totally impressed (because you exude happiness). Your personality and joy are so enveloping. I felt good just standing there with you (and your no hair) my beautiful, wonderful, friend.

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