OOPS!! Defining “it”



I realize now from a few comments that I wrote that last blog wrong.


I MEANT to communicate that I don’t think a subtle change in my appearance, (or a big one, really) should have such an effect on me.

That, just like those who have responded, I think the beauty I should concentrate on should be INNER beauty that shines forth the love of God in such a manner that others will be wooed to Him by His love.


So when I said, “I don’t like it”

I DID NOT MEAN THAT I DON’T LIKE MY HAIR, OR MY HAIRCUT (sorry, Laura. You’re the bomb.com!)

Instead, I meant “I don’t like the part of me that is defined by appearance. I would never be so unkind to another as I allow my thoughts of self to be. People are lovely because God loves them. And caring about things that don’t matter means limited capacity to care about things that do.”


That having been said…. i thought my hair looked pretty baller today. Then i rode up to the office with my windows down. So I look like a ragamuffin.

Whatever. Windows down in this weather is WAY more important than good hair!



i should refrain from using the word “it” without a clear thesis.
lesson learned.
for today.


and since i like to give you pictures, here are some hair accessories i made for Christmas




if you want one i'll make it for you!


and THIS is why i have a category called “hair”



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