#5 – True

I don’t have pics to attach because a) there was nothing to take pics of and b) I’m writing this from my phone, which I don’t REALLY know how to use, but #5 (not mambo) was actually true.

I went this morning to do my physical so I could start donating plasma again. Plasma is a part of your body, suckaheads! I went through the whole rigmarole to hear:

“okay, so you got your last tattoo in may?”
“i think it was April, but maybe May”
“and here in Texas?”
“Yes ma’am”
“I hate to do this to you, I’m so sorry, but now you have too many tattoos to donate…”

:: noise ::

Ooookay. A lot of work and time went into this and I had plans for that money (like fixing my door handle so I can enter my car from the driver side) but… God is ultimately the one who opens and closes doors.

So, despite the fact that really, I wanted to cry, I smiled and said that it would have been nice, and I would have preferred if, they had told me any of the many times I’d communicated with them, if anyone would have even talked about this (I even said, the last time I donated, that I was taking a break to get a new tattoo!) but that I knew it wasn’t HER fault, and thank-you for her time.

so yes. i did actually decide to sell my body for money. just tiny, renewable parts of it from my blood. :)

(and jo, I said ‘alacrity’ just for you)

edit- i got home and google image searched “plasma donation” to find you a picture. if you ever want to google image search plasma donation- DON’T!


4 thoughts on “#5 – True


    …i searched it. I could feel the panic attack setting in before I found the “exit window” button

    you warned me…but i’m a curious little monkey

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this…but the one time I donated plasma they had to hook me up to saline because I passed out. Never.Went.Back.

    P.S. How many tattoos is too many tattoos?

  3. i don’t like it, but it there was a “special” going on where you could make a lot more right now, so it make the effort worth it. Clearly the Lord had other plans.

    six. five is okay. six is too many. whatever. they are tiny little things. there should be another way to measure. :)

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