# 3 – True – I Got Handled

::This post was written about a month ago. So the fix lasted for a month!! But then, while i was buying $700 of toys for work, it broke again. Thank the sweet Lord that it happened BEFORE i loaded the car and could still climb in to open the door, rather than after, when I would have just been stuck. :) Anyway, so, #3 was true, and I still am in need of a new door handle::
Last week was one of those weeks. Lemme ‘splain, via pics:

that IS what you think it is

You may not have known this about me, but i RARELY wear anything but dresses and skirts. Just how i like it. So yes, this little how-do-ya-do meant that every time i had to get in my car, I was climbing in the back, reaching to open the front, slinging the door open, climbing back-and-out and then entering like “normal.” And hopefully not flashing anyone in the process.

But, remember la familia ? Yeah, the host of people I sorta-kinda thought I’d be one day? Well, i am one. Just…not the way I thought I’d be. Instead, in  a better way. A way that spends the day and cuts the brother’s hair and takes a nap when I get tired and a way that has Daddio and Brother bear fix my car door when the handle gets handled.

YAY!! Looks even better than new.

You can’t always get what you want. But I am a child of God, an unofficial member of la familia and honestly I ALWAYS get exactly what I need. (and most of the time it’s what I want. God’s just gracious like that.)


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