Catch All Truths (that won’t get their own posts)

#21 is true. you can see my little blurb here or check out another (IMHO better) one from a boss here. 

#19 was true, of course! i talked about it here! (And for a reason i will not explain, thank you very much, well probably i will but not right now, I no longer think I might have the gift.)

#15 and #16, related, were true as well.  Seriously other than tweeting funny quotes, I had zero desire to facebook or tweet. Not blogging was a relief (and I believe, more about God’s gift to me than my sacrifice for him. That happens a lot) and I did still WRITE some, even when I didn’t post.  The unexpected part was that I LOVE to waste time (I didn’t realize this) perusing craft blogs. I need to limit myself to only certain times of the day for all social media because MOST of it, for me, is just a coping mechanism or time waster. I’m working on it.

#11 – yes, this ACTUALLY happened. And it was beautiful and wonderful. I love love love my classes. and classmates. and their deceased cats. (and i dont even like cats!)

#4 You thought this was false? Y’all are you crazy?! BRUCE WILLIS (or every character he plays except that one Disney movie) IS ALL THAT IS MAN. I just recently watched R.E.D. and oh mercy. If twice-divorced-and-currently-married-Bruce Willis walked  up and was anything like the characters he plays and asked me to come be part of his harem of wives/ex-wives i would…..well probably hyperventilate and faint and then wake up and swoon and repeat the process…which would keep me from what I’d want to do…which is ignore all the other wives and say “YES TAKE ME NOW!” (And yes, I do think so well of the way this man portrays himself that I get the giggles when I watch his movies. And no, my car is not named after him.)

here are pictures just for funsies.

from this year's ashes

i should've changed the lighting

just for funsies

i miss my long flowy hair

y'all, i don't even know why this picture happened

or this one. i think i was noting proportions.


One thought on “Catch All Truths (that won’t get their own posts)

  1. That part about Bruce Willis made me laugh out loud so hard that I thought other teachers would surely hear me through the walls, and come to my room to find out what was going on. (School is over, for the record.)

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