Consider This Fair Warning

I once knew someone who sent an email like this to her friend’s boyfriend. You know…. far away, long ago. ;) (that’s sarcasm pplfriends. I sent it two hours ago) Names have been changed to protect the warned ;)

Hi Dude,

I love email. i love gmail particularly. I don’t mean that i like to receive stupid messages that have nothing to do with anything, i just mean that as a means of communication, gmail is probably my number one. Gchat, if the situation is friendly enough.
Anywho, I’m one of The Dancer’s closest friends. As such, I want to be a friend to you as well. I mean, homeboy, I’m going to hear about pretty much everything in the relationship, and I care more about The Dancer than I do about most people, and I care a lot about people. So I want to ask something of you, and it’s going to be awkward but I don’t care because I love her more than I care about being awkward and I will fight through wind, fire, and awkward to love her well.
So here’s what I’m asking. Please be kind to my friend. Please be patient with her. Please consider her above yourself and please follow the Matt Chandler advice: Don’t put your hands on her body without first having touched her heart.
I don’t say this as scolding, I say this because it is a deep wish that I have for her to be loved the way she deserves to be loved.
Now, you’re never going to do that, because you are not Jesus, but I want you to do your best. I want you to pursue her and romance her and surprise her and not take her for granted. I want her to be reminded through your service and even through the things you withhold (like too much touch, or time alone) how precious and delicate she is. She doesn’t know. You’ll have to teach her. You’ll have to teach her that she’s worth such effort and love and that she is fragile and lovely and amazing because other men have told her lies against these truths and if you want her to be yours, it’s your privilege and your duty to present her pure and holy some day, and part of that purity will be the purity of mind and heart of peace from her knowing who she really is.
thinking about this, i found the following article. I liked it. Maybe you’ll like it. If not though, that’s okay. I didn’t read all  the words. the ones i did, though, i liked.
I copied her on this so she’ll know i emailed you. I’m helping keep her accountable to things by asking her about them. But i also want you to know that I care.
And that i will come down like a hurricane of holy rage if you’re not good to her. 

One thought on “Consider This Fair Warning

  1. what the crap~! haha… i was feeling all emotional and i felt flowers being thrown about and the sun shining on my face the first 90 percent of the letter and then BAM! i felt the ground split and volanic lava shoot up and destroy everything…
    now i’m confused.

    haha +:)

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