“I Mean, it’s not a Terrible grade…”

yeah, that’s what my professor said today while she was handing me back my essay.

She gave me an 86,

but I probably deserved a lot less.

it honestly was nowhere near my best work.

not that my best work is what i was going for. because if we’re honest, what i really want is an A.

just like a lot of times, what I really want is to be a size 6.

because i believe, somewhere in the ugly parts of my heart, that numerical (or alphabetical) evaluations of me are the real ones, the ones that matter.

lemme lechoo in on a leeetle secret:

they aren’t.

that being said, i’m going to go work on another final, and study some theories even though I’ve already finished the class ’cause FO REAL, DO, i have NO idea what the difference between REBT, CBT, and Existential Angst are.

and who doesn’t want to learn about angst?


One thought on ““I Mean, it’s not a Terrible grade…”

  1. the numbers might not be what’s truth about us, but i am having a hard time battling that right now.

    if you can take schmidt for community or group do it!

    love you and STILL want to see you for real. as a friend. not at church. in passing. or on a kidstuff email. not that all those things aren’t great…cuz they are and that’s why we both do them…but ya know what i mean!


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