Spring Break w Daddy (Lucky #7 was true)

I know this is late, but I spent a little of Spring Break with Daddy.

I spent 24 hours driving to and back from Tennessee and 36 hours IN Tennessee. 8 of which I slept. What? Don’t hate. Here are some of the pics from my adventure.

great beard of zeus....er...i mean...daddy!

Daddy had a half sleeve before they were cool. because he kept having to cover things up. ;)

the lexington version of "gluten free" dinner

"her momma must be real pretty..." his friends all said,

"cause she don't get that from you"

as you can see, we frequented the most happenin' spots

my **charming** bedside decor

and yes, i did go with the full hope of spending a whole trip not going to the hospital with a relative.

and no, even thoght it was only 36 hours, this was NOT that trip. ;) i mean, I am grateful it was picking someone UP from the hospital rather than having to take them TO it.

Anyway. I love my daddy. And I think there are a lot of really fun things to do in Tennessee. But truth be told, I tucker out REALLY easily when left to my own devices with no company. It’s not that there aren’t adventures to be had, it’s just that I want adventures to be shared. And Daddy can’t get around very well, or for very long. Since the longest I’ve known the man to sleep in one sitting is two hours,  and that’s really a stretch, he tuckers out WITH too much company. So, I’m REALLY hoping the next time i go visit i can bring someone. I wouldn’t have guessed it, but having someone with actually helps me pay more attention to my family and stay there longer.

so, that’s what I meant by a travel buddy. not those silly neck pillow things. goodness, I don’t need neck support to DRIVE!


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