Movie Review: Thor

y’all I am so sorry. i’ve been out of town for a week and I’m still gone till tomorrow so long story short: I completely forgot to set blogs to post. This isn’t much of one but hopefully you’ll still love me regardless. (irregardless!! ::shudder::)

I went to go see Thor last night. I was super emotional and brought my blankie AND food and when the guy asked me what I had I said food and he said he didn’t believe me and when I showed him, he said, “Okay, I’ll let you this time.” And I, in no uncertain eyeballs, looked at him with a look that said “yes. you will.” Because I’m so kind and considerate and obedient to all movie rules.

Anyway, i love comic books movies. Jacob (dr. z) had to teach me HOW to love them “Ritz. This is NOT a movie. IT’s a comic book on screen.” OH! Good, now I have adjusted my expectations and I. am. in. love. They’re so silly and fantastical and funny. Thor was not exception.

Now I have a degree in film, which means I paid (actually I didn’t, some rich people who liked me did) an exorbitant amount of money to learn how to be a snob about film. Therefore, I give you the following review of  THOR.

dang, boy!

i wanna see it again.



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