Love Notes From the Barrista

I’m a high maintenance order-er at establishments of food or drink.

I can’t won’t read menus (bad eye sight, shrot attention span, too many distractions)

I have strong preferences

and dietary needs.

But thanks to a kind barrista back in 2007, who spent a lot of time and effort on me, I DO know what I want at starbucks, every time:

SOY chai latte
half pump carmel
half pump mocha
no foam
with whip

which on a cup, looks like this:

i'm going to call this regular maintenance and not high. cause I didn't ask for a skinny anything.

All that writing makes me feel like I’ve just gotten a love poem. See, a love poem just for me. And it’s so perfect. How did they know? ;)

In other news, i don’t know quite why this PICTURE of my coffee is bigger than my actual coffee. But I do want to share this little how-do-ya-do:

This is an EXPENSIVE drink. You pay extra for the shots, the soy, and depending on the store (seriously) the whip. Which makes this drink between $4.50 and just over $5.

UNLESS you pay with a REGISTERED stabucks gift card. (I’m still using a card from Christmas that I just reload. It’s super easy to register, just go online and type in the number!)

Then, this drink is an easy $2.85 and a treat I don’t mind giving myself once every few weeks.


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