Corey Knows What I’m Saying

The human rights activist in me doesn’t get to come out and play in as flashy a fashion as it did in all the (five) years of my undergrad career, where I was trained on the regular regarding social stigma, gender dynamics, mental and sexual health, and a host of other areas in which children’s ministry workers don’t so much get to spread their wings. But I still love when I DO get the chance.

I love talking about these things, and have had the immense privilege of getting to dialouge and understand more about SO MANY ISSUES, most of which I don’t experience directly, because of the friends I have. Or even the openness of people I meet. RARELY do i ever encounter a person who, when honestly and lovingly approached, will not share with me his or her point of view.

Anyway, some of you don’t give a hoot or even understand what I’m talking about. But for those who came to see the V monologues for me, who’ve stayed up talking about the trouble with (hu)man(ity), the power play of heels verses flats, or just my latest rant about television being the surest sign of the fall of man, you’ll either understand why i find the following interesting or you’ll find it interesting yourself.

Enjoy. Or Don’t. If I were wearing mascara, would you be more convinced to enjoy? methinks. ;)


2 thoughts on “Corey Knows What I’m Saying

  1. Question:

    Is it sinful to use our looks to our advantage? Not to expect it by any means…but when the opportunity presents itself…is it wrong to see what happens with a smile?

    • girl i wish i knew. I guess it depends. are you being seductive? or friendly? If your point is to shine God’s love and let people respond to that, i’d say for SURE not. But i know there are a lot of times when i specifically turn on the charm in hopes to get a free something-or-other. Remember my “i want an acoustic guitar” face?

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