Tristan & Mattie

Tristan and Mattie got married a few weeks ago. Especially insane since it feels like Tristan and Mattie started dating a few weeks ago. But no, it was 15 months and bam, two are now one.

I can not believe that I only have these two pics to show for the day. I’m 2% sure i took my actual camera…wait…no…maybe not at all, so yes, ALL i have from the wedding a few weeks ago are these two shots. 

anyway, it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and I seriously teared up (which even though ppl talk about that, I haven’t ever done before) approxiamtely….more of the time than I was dry-eyed.

One of my favorite moments was when they lit the unity candle. It was NOT about the candle, people. It was that after lighting the dang thing, Tristan (holding Mattie’s veil to keep it from catching fire!) leaned over and forehead-to-forehead, prayed over his bride. Then Mattie prayed too. OHMYBEATINGHEART. This was a tenderness that I just don’t often get to see in ANY relationship. A protective leading, a gentle and trusting submission, all to the sound track of her sister singing Brandon Heath’s Love Never Fails.”

Yeah. I know.

So anyway, this whole “being really moved and affected by weddings” thing is new to me. I think it was in no small part due to the fact that their’s was one of FOUR weddings I’ve been invited to this summer that involves a couple for whom I’ve prayed since before they were even a couple.  So…I’m slightly more invested.

What’s your favorite wedding story?

::sidenote, this dress is WAY cuter than it looks in these two photos. And i’m less huge. promise::


3 thoughts on “Tristan & Mattie

  1. I just randomly came across this link on Facebook. Your words are such a sweet reminder of our special day. We’re so blessed to have a friend like you!

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