The Lie

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, my twenty truths series pretty much fell off the face of the planet. Let’s finish it up, shall we?

#1 was true- and is still going on. I did ACTUALLY get arrested, for something i did NOT do and can prove I didn’t, but there are still lawyers and court dates and the like because there is a process we have to follow. It’s a funny story, but also a bit exhausting when I forget that I am under God’s protection and the battle has already been won.

#6 also true, the first half displayed here:

Emmy Bug turned 1!!

just cause they're cute

the second half was true too. but you don’t take pictures of things like that.

NUMBER EIGHT WAS A LIE!!!! Like i would EVER give up my lovey. yeah.right. (GEORGE FOREVER)

grown woman with a stuffed animal

I talked about #9 in another post. clearly, true.

#12 is a bit of a disappointment because the student services never got back to me after my initial screening, so I guess I have to go track them down. Real nice, student services. REAL. Nice.

#13 is kinda being reversed. My ophthalmologist (third opinion, had to go to the big guns) says she can’t do anything about the constant focusing, but my glasses should come in soon. I wonder what the world will look like!

#14 is really just me saying I’m noticing EVERY DAY that i have to ask people to repeat themselves. It’s tiring.

#18 is also starting to be less true, as God shows me again and again how strong he’s made the friendships I’m in.

friendships that really "tow" the line. ;)

#2o will be a big post that i’ll put up later.

So that’s the end of it. A whirwind of Lent, but I do still sleep with my pink gorilla every night. No one guessed it. :)

pic also featuring my favorite quilt that gamma made, and my fuzzy blanket from supermama. i love it and use it ALL the time!


2 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. Honestly i had an inkling you would never give up on something so precious….
    in other news… the dramatizing of #20 is making me look forward to the blog post ;)

    • aw, yay! “precious” is not how I’d describe it, but I’m glad that’s how you see him. I’ve had him since I was 1 or 2 and my mom has tried MANY times to sneak him into the trash. She finally gave up once I was a teenager. :)

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