Pop Songs, Pantylines and Poopy Diapers

Sometimes songs, or a certain set of lyrics from songs, or just sayings from a time or place far away randomly pop into my head. You’ve probably seen this in action. (I ever say something that sounds poetic and doesn’t really make sense? Probably quoting.)

I was getting ready the other morning and had on this great pair of pants that keep me really warm but i never wear because you can ALWAYS see the pantyline.

And people friends, we are NOT going to address right now ways to rid myself of pantylines. No. This is not that blog.

Anyway, I was getting ready while thinking about the morning and how it was going to be crazy-town (ohyouknow, nobigdeal, somethinglike 60 kids 20 of whom are babies, 9 adults and a dozen donuts to last us three hours) and I simultaneously thought two things:

drinking from a fire hydrant (a description of kids ministry) and

running from the devil (a song)

and thought, “yep. drinking from a fire hydrant, running from the devil, fighting pantylines. pretty much my day.” thank you brain synapses for working things well,

and God, for working all things for my good.

what are lines/lyrics/laughable moments that randomly pop into your head?


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