What I Did Today

I have no idea if this post will come across as:

trite, ridiculous, and self indulgent,

quirky and entertaining,

or something entirely other. You tell me. It’s a very “what i did today” post.

First off, I’ve been waking up LITERALLY an hour earlier each day for the past few days. And yes, it’s getting old, in part because I am NOT going to bed an hour earlier.

So I’ve been working out, while in my sleepy stupor, surprisingly somehow not busting my face but yes, occasionally “yogging” (no, that is NOT an anchorman reference. it’s a alex&carrie quoting anchorman reference) for a few pandora songs before I realize I’ve yet to set the workout program.

Today after my “work out” (seriously, does yogging for 30 minutes to wake my can’t-sleep self up count as a work out?) I thought, “Oh, hey, maybe this is making a difference:

then i turned around

And got far less impressed. But never you MIND because i found, sat in, and then did a photoshoot in THE SAUNA!

fun lighting!

i think this is a bit creepy, actually. I was GOING for relaxed. But i missed it. ;)

Then I went and ran an errand that I was still so tired during that I forgot all about it until I had to forage through my car (yeah, don’t ask why forage is, in fact, an appropriate verb in this instance) to find my wallet. It was in a bag of something I bought at the errand I forgot.  But it’s okay, cause my mom bought my lunch. Oh yeah, i went to lunch with my mom.

actually not a great pic of her, either. not a BAD one, just not great.

She’s so wonderfully over stimulating. As soon as she got in the car she said, “Oh you got new glasses I love them, did you have glasses before and I really DO like your new tattoo and even your tan but oh you’ve lost weight(?) I’m so excited to see you where did you want to go to lunch, is chipotle good?Oh but can we stop at chase bank”

See? I don’t get it from no where, people friends! We ate tacos and then she bought me a pineapple. Which pretty much entirely got consumed last night. (thx Social Worker and Lindsay Friend, for hanging out!)

i did NOT stage this, it's just what was going on on this hectic day

And…. I’m sure really super entertaining this happened after, but it’s not been a few days, i’m not sleeping much (pattern still going!) and so i can’t remember. But here are a few pics from yesterday, as well, just for funsies.

seeing mom two days in a row! those are the new gafas. I can see!

pic used COMPLETELY without permission. Dr Nick likes my gafas as well

i know it's nerdtastic, but i feel like these frames make nerdy an okay look.



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