Zephaniah In The Sky

My friend The Social Worker and I have committed to memorizing scripture together this year. We do a new verse every 1st and 15th.

So far, we’ve done:

Psalm 16:11,  James 3:17-18,  Romans 8:18, Psalm 84:10-12(which i failed at memorizing) and right now we are on

Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save. He will rejoice over you with gladness, he will quiet you with his love. He will exult over you singing.”

TSW picks all the verses, so by “we have committed” i mean “she started a project and I copied her” but each verse has been so sweet to what’s going on in my life.  I suppose that’s part God’s seemingly serendipitious timing, and part the fact that the Bible is just plumb encouraging when you’ve got the Holy Spirit to interpret it for you.

Lately I have been WARRING against lies about who I am and struggling desperately to understand the path I know he’ll show me. I see a path I know I shouldn’t go down- a path that will make me a pharisee –  and i see a path others don’t want me to go down – a path of loud noises and bright colors that makes some others uncomfortable. But I want the narrow path that He’ll make known to me.

Here’s the simpler version: sometimes I’m told and sometimes I just think I’m told that I’m overly  too very emotional, loud, or flamboyant. I am different and even in hippy dippy Austin I still sometimes hit the “different is wrong” wall. And different isn’t wrong. Sin is wrong and some differences are sin but DIFFERENT IS NOT WRONG.

And my different, the different that means I’m always dancing and singing and laughing too loud and picking up and soothing someone’s baby isn’t wrong, either. It’s a display of God’s attributes. I know because Zephaniah tells me. It tells me that God is a





singing God.

So when I’m doing those things, I can just say, “I get it from my Daddy.”


::fell off th wagon. so glad i saw this post! need to get back on that wagon. few things are more valuable than memorizing scripture::


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