Giving Away Their Secrets

We aren’t supposed to gossip but I’m going to remind you of some you already know. Let’s take this journey together.

You know that woman you wish you could be like?

The beautiful one who never has an eyelash out of place?

The one who can and does make any and everything?

The one who never forgets a holiday. I mean really, a personalized card for Columbus Day?

The one whose home is literally spotless every time you go over?

Or the one whose kid’s have never misbehaved?

The woman who you swear  has never had a single malignant thought in her life- or the one who makes every calm, patient, faithful and submissive decision you wish you’d thought to make?

How about the one who is single and loves every moment of it?

Or the one who is so happily married you could probably puke?

That girl whose fashion is effortless?

Or let’s go there: that chick who drops (as in births) a kid every two years and bounces back into swimsuit edition of sports illustrated body when you have never cracked below a i-havent-eaten-in-days-size-8?

Well I have a lot of great friends so I know each one of those bee-yotches and i’m gonna tell you their secrets:

you ready?

each one of them deals on the daily with the fear, anxiety and insecurity that you do.

Some of them with more grace,

some of them with more silence,

some of them unaware,

but NOT ONE OF THEM goes a whole day sure of her beauty, worth, and happiness unless God’s grace has the reigns of her heart. And the most faithful, holy, committed Christian woman still fights the in-the-closet-and-im-losing-my-mind breakdowns. EVERY ONE.

Comparison is the theif of Joy.

God is the author or joy. In his presence is it’s fullness.

So if you want joy, don’t ever think you’ll find it by comparing yourself to others. Find it in His presence.


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