Authentically Wrong

This post is in reference to the one below.

One of the ppl mentioned messaged me, hurt and confused by what I’d written.

Well, that’s how the cookies crumble with communicating to many what has happened amongst few.

But since I think there is certainly culpability to bear, and I’m interested in authenticity and lending a little “hey I’m a jackwaggon most of the time” to the converstation, I wanted to share with you our dialog. The words in blue are his, the ones in “brown” are mine.


Thx again, dude, for the grace.


I read your blog today on religion. I noticed you mentioned me and said some things. I’m wondering why you referred to me as a non-Christian though?
That part bothered me a little. I grew up United Methodist Ritz. I don’t think that just because I haven’t been to church in a while or know as much about the bible as you that it is fair to call someone a non-Christian. So, I’m not sure why you said that.
Also, why did you say that I seemed like the kind of person who people aren’t usually nice to and that I was a bit awkward? While it’s true I feel out of place sometimes, I’m not sure what made you say that being that I just met you.
I’m not angry at you, but you got me scratching my head now. Please explain what you meant in your blog. I’d still like to get to know you better but I’m a bit confused by your words.


Hey _namedeleted_, 
totally get why you’d be confused! 

Part of my blog policy is that in order to keep from writing posts that would be three million words every time, i “summarize” or write the way that will make the best sense, even if it means leaving out some words and details!

I’d never ever write something purposefully hurtful or lying, but it’s just a way to communicate to the masses.

As far as non christian, I have NO idea about the state of anyone’s soul. You’re so right, that word works for M (who is the other friend i talked about) but not for you. I should have made a distinction that a) M is not a christian (at least in the sense that he questioning, like he said) and wanted to hear more about the Gospel and b) you were just a man interested in talking. I thought you liked hearing a new perspective in the Gospel, maybe you were just politely keeping up a conversation. Certainly my point was NOT to accuse you of not knowing Jesus, it was to say that Jesus has a great way of letting himself get brought up. I don’t know that you know less that the Bible than me, i think we’ve got way different perspectives. 

Honestly, I almost didn’t post the thing because I had a feeling you might read it. It’s hard to want to express things but not feel violated when people read them and get a different impression than you mean to make. That’s part of the trouble with writing. There is never enough room to say exactly what you mean, and always the chance that what you do say won’t read well anyway. I’m sorry if I hurt you or represented you wrong, and if you’d like to leave a comment to that effect, you’re absolutely welcome to. Being authentic publicly means being authentically wrong, sometimes, and owning up to it.

Now, about people not being nice to you, that’s just gonna have to be an awkward “my bad.” But it’s true. You seemed so kind and intelligent, but I have this sense of empathy that people would be intimidated by that, and when I saw you interact with others, I just didn’t get the sense that they were as open with you as they were with other ppl in the bar. (ya know, the arms open, everyone dancing, beer in hand kinda thing. Maybe i only noticed because I felt out of place too?)

I’m incredibly impressed that after reading that, you’d NOT be mad. I think I would. Then again, I also would’ve felt embarrassed for reading it and not brought it up. So kudos to you on both counts. Seriously, thanks for your grace.

Here’s the main point: I don’t know if you’re a Christian. I do care. I care about it because the love of Jesus gets me out of bed in the morning, affects everything I do, gives me joy, and inspires me to do more. To tell other people about that love because that’s what he does. 

That blog was intended for others who want to spread the Gospel as God has called us to do. And as you seem to be graceful enough to understand (or maybe feel the same) that’s a hard role. Even just my blog had you questioning and hurt. Being a Christian who admits that you think you should live for Christ and that He is the way, the truth, and the life is like one big awkward blunder otherwise called life. It was NOT intended to be an exact retelling of events but a general “look, even when you are a big screw up, Jesus loves people too much to let you get in the way.”

hope that helps.





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