Kiss and Make -Up

Okay, that title is misleading. Really, this is JUST about make-up.

But if you want to know something about kissing….Uhm, I last kissed a guy in Iowa in 2008. Yeah. it’s been a while. ;)


Really, I just wanted to brag on two products that no, I am not getting ANY benefit to endorse, but YES, are amazing and I just like to share the secrets.

My “daily” beauty routine is to bush my teeth and wash my face and, now that I have them, to put on my glasses, resulting in the following look:

and technically, i probs make this facial EXPRESSION a lot too.

About as many days as not, I’ll swipe on some mascara (i FINALLY found a brand that doesn’t flake, but can give a dramatic look when layered) and chapstick and go, thus producing this face:

con la kristen!

Mascara is a wonder thing. Tiny amount of effort. Big difference!! But maybe once a week (or every few weeks, it’s totally a mood thing) I go all out.

this was when the woman at sephora taught me "cat eyes" that lipgloss was pure makeup store experiment craziness.

meaning I wear eyeshadow.  The big thing is, when I wear eyeshadow, it makes a huge difference. because a)i have rather large eylids and b)i wear rather intense pigments.

I’m still not sure if people think I’m a clown, or love it and wish they could do the same. I know there are few people who wear the make up I do for just-ever-day-events, but what can I say, I am my mother’s daughter, and when it comes to eyeshadow, I go for the gold.

or, as this day proved, the green.

you can't see it too well with my glasses on

but I can't see too well with my glasses off. (i like to believe this shine is due to the phone camera. or my holiness ;))

Whether or not you like the drama of this effect, I think you can appreciate that this photo was taken at 9 am.

This one was taken at 5pm (and, that’s a my favorite little human being)

aside from his perfect cuteness, also note how well my eyeshadow stayed on

And this once was taken at MIDNIGHT, after I’d spent 40 minutes on the elliptical.

So you MIGHT be asking yourself, if you are like me two years ago, HOW?!?

Do you have the eyelid oilies? I have the eyelid oilies, but I also have this:

and it. is. magic. I think it’s about $15 a tube, which since I don’t use it every day has lasted me literally 13 months. I don’t wear foundation or powder, but i do wear this on my eyes EVERY time I wear eyeshadow, cause else-wise it’s just NOT going to stay.

And if you ARE going for the kind of dramatic look i have in the above pics, i strongly reccommend this:

they dont sell mine anymore...

It’s this magic little angled eye shadow brush. Mine is different, but since this is the version they sell now I guess it’s better (though I can’t imagine HOW). It PERFECTLY accomplishes the right contour on both of my differently-shaped eyes to give me EVEN (as in not lopsided) dramatic smokey eyes. This version is called the contour brush and its $16 online at

Okay. I’ve just wanted to share that for a while because both of these products have TOTALLY changed my makeup life. Probably THAT’s why I wear such crazy eye shadow now, because I finally learned how to make it STAY.


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