21 Days: Part Four (wrap up)

Is it ironic that it has actually, now, been twenty FIVE days?

Thanks for sticking with me through this. Knowing you’re reading has DEFINITELY helped keep me accountable to being patient, learning well, trusting where my hope is supposed to be and not giving inappropriate effort or attention to anything.

My LTG (the two girls i share my life with day in-day out) is reading Luke this week. We read it last week and the week before as well.

And one of the MANY MANY MANY things that has stuck out to me is that Jesus tells us in NO uncertain terms that if you’re faithful with a little, you’ll get more. If you’re UNfaithful with a little, even that will be taken from you.

So should my apartment be the messiest it’s ever been? No. Should I be slacking off on school? No. Should I be letting my eating habits go by the way side or stop taking care of my body? No no no no no!!!

But of course, I did. More than once I told myself, “Well, I probably wouldn’t give a husband to a person who couldn’t even keep up with her homework, either.”

And please don’t confuse me, I don’t want to earn my right to romantic happiness, but I do want to do the best I can with the resources and opportunities he’s given me, even when I’d have chosen something else, I want be faithful to the path He chooses for me. The better one. The right one. So all that to say, I’m so grateful that God has caused me to find a balance. To allow myself to care about this without allowing myself to stop caring about everything else.  

I cannot get over the grace of the God who would take a woman who would make every wrong choice, and lavish out the love it takes to change her into someone who even wants to make the right choices. And for the right reasons. I can’t get over that I am blessed with community, friends, a RICH relationship with the Lord (that comes first in importance, don’t have a hissy over it’s place in the list), job and fun that I love, and so.much.sunshine!

So, I guess that’s the end of my confession.

I’m despesrately in love with the God who meets my every need and whose Holiness causes me to tremble and weep and sing and sway.

And I’m also pretty dang enamored with a man I haven’t spoken to in (now) almost a month.

Ahhh. Feels so much better to get that out there. Any confessions you all need to publicize?


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