How To: Be Spoiled

When it comes to being spoiled, I sometimes feel like I could write a book.
For today, you’ll just have to settle for a blog.

The first step toward being spoiled is to work with some of your most favorite people in the whole wide world. Actually, that’s not so much a step as it is just one of the ways in which I am, already, spoiled. And yes it does count when I say they are some of my most favorite people in the whole world since I do know people on the other side of the world. (Pastor M.A. Thomas, i remember you over in India)

Anyway, the next step, or what you do to increase the level of spoiled, is to demand, beligerantly state and restate er….mention in passing seventeen times that you want to watch a movie that no one else wants to see and then JUMP ON THAT when one of los favorites maybe sorta kinda says under his breath that you can do it at his house.

Then flake out.

BUT THEN, the next week, at like, a totally unacceptably late hour, text him and say “Movie night? K, C, and A are in also!”

And if you’re SUPER spoiled, and your friends are the kind, giving, CREATIVE creatures that my friends are, he’ll reply “Heck Yes! I can make dinner! Pork chops with apple chutney, roasted zucchini, new potatoes and desert?” Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time or effort to catalog the beauty of what we ate, MOSTLY because I was SO over stimulated.

AHHHH THE LIFE OF A SPOILED CREATURE!!! Since Monday night is the only night of the week free for willy-nilly decision making, of course I stayed out way too late, resulting in the following pictures.

thx thx thx, y’all. a girl might think her heart could burst with so much love and over stimulation.

and fruit. :)


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