Friend File: Dirty

When I went to college at UT, I met approximately seventeen MEEEEEEELLION males named Michael. So it took me abut seventeen seconds to decide I would not meet any other Michaels. This is back when phones were janky and took more effort to scroll through names and I would text or call the wrong one sometimes! And yeah, when I was 17, pretty much everyone I met got put in my phone. I’m friendly, y’all.

Anyway, somehow one of these Mike’s made the cut. This one.

we took two pics that night and this is actually the BETTER of the two (for both of us)

see? glasses/flash fail.

But the other one did NOT make the “mike” cut. He didn’t even try. Because even though his given name is Michael, he was introduced to me as “Dirty,” (he wasn’t so much INTRODUCED as he was just on the phone with my then-boyfriend, and of his own accord asked to talk to me, so he could sing Britney Spears’ “Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”)

Now, when a man has a moniker like “Dirty,” a girl does well to just not ask. And this girl did well. Thus I have no idea where it came from. But I do know a few other things about him.

Ugh. Ignore my huge face. Mike has one too, Dirty has a regular sized face.

This former motorcycle-driving, funnily-nicknamed, grizzly bearded ex-marine may have a name that suggests else-wise, but I’ve got a secret.

Come in real close, I’ll whisper it so no one else hears. Don’t want to put too much out there. You ready?

(he’s a sweetie.)

No seriously. This man is just. so. kind.

I know that’s not the top most quality of his he’d like to be extolled.  He’d probably rather be known for his bad-a$$ery with cars (does it have a motor? he can probably fix it) or his physical strength (Marines are hard core, yo). He might rather advertise that he’s handsome (I mean it’s true, check out those baby blues) or smart (decided to go back and study engineering). And knowing him, he’s actually probably much rather not talk about HIMSELF at all.

I mentioned that bruce (my car) doesn’t have a door handle. Two days later he’s on the job to fix it for me. He didn’t have time to eat after work, but was okay with it, cause he didn’t want to be late to come support me at karaoke.

Here’s what I’m saying:

My friends surprise me, support me, and inspire me

silly, sweet, and single, in case you're looking (I'll hook you up, if you'r up-to-snuff)

Today was just Dirty’s day, I guess.


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