KidStuff Offsite

And, since I’ve effectively exhausted that last subject, let’s just look at some photos and change pace.

A few pics from KidStuff Offsite Day:

i asked for Soy Milk in my coffee. It came in this saucy little cup.

i thought this sticker was funny because it was meant to keep us from plugging something in too early, thus messing up an install.

but it was WAY FUNNIER when i realized that this SUPER OBVIOUS STOP SIGN was actually ignored by my boss...who then had to figure out un-installing things.

When we installed the printers, they had this test sheet. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yeah, basically describes our afternoon figuring out the computers.

We also enjoyed the bearded wonder reading us his newest book (does everyone have friends who just WRITE BOOKS every once in a while? Cause I have several that do) and multitudinous box stacking. But I didn’t get pics of that.


Also, this day we had a LOT A LOT A LOT of things to move from the office to the St John site. Though we’re a large team, it was going to take us forever. So I, a person with zero authority over anyone else, went and told asked some fellow interns to help. Because I have the spiritual gift of bossiness.


Do y’all have this much fun at your work?



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