It Hurts, So I Must Be Doing it Right

(and by “right,” i mean “correctly”)


I’m texting my daddy right now, and I told him I’d been practicing guitar this morning.

“Are you good?”

“Not at all. But I’m trying.”

“I hear ya. I have to practice a lot.”

“I’m just trying the same 4 chords over and over. I’m trying a REALLY easy song.”


“I must be doing it better than I did last time. It hurts more.”



It struck me as funny, how true this isn’t  when I think about some things in life, and how true it IS for some others.

For instance, is does NOT hurt more this time, being “rejected” by that man. It does NOT NOT NOT hurt more (or at all!) to spend time with la familia (HIS familia, btw). It is easier to wake up to a familiar ache somewhere deeper than I can explain, and to cry out to Jesus, to seek his face, to seek his arms, to seek all of HIM, and not just his comfort. By his good grace, choosing the path of submission and joy in this instance is not more painful. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful.

this little rainbow love note was on my wall. Couldn't figure out what it was from, but I know WHO sent it. :)

But some things do hurt more, when I do them correctly.



Which, two weeks ago, I did 60 of just kinda out of nowhere (the pastor’s wives I was working out with did 200!!! ) and then walked away with what I like to refer to as noodle-legs, walking for 3 days as though I’d had a  REALLY good….uh…work out. ;)

enjoying the sunshine. never hard

What is getting harder, or easier, for you?


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