Some Saturdays

Are just the best.

Saturdays are typically my sabbath during this season.

the dancer's beau carefully contemplating the storage unit situation

One such recently started with a “helping” The Dancer move back out to Manor. I put it in quotes because I got sick (can’t remember what i ate the day before, just that it was a bad choice) before coming home to get ready for Tenaya’s bridal shower. I only got two pics, neither was great, but here they are:

take one

take two

Tenaya, sweet thing, made PERSONALIZED favors for all her invitees. Here is mine:

my grape juice ;) glass! M for Maritza, my given name, which i LOVE when people call me

Once I was back home, the dancer called in for company while she unpacked, while My Belle needed someone to homework sit her  (to make sure she did her homework) so, I combined all of this and the book I wanted to read for:

check that pattern on my dress, you'll see it ALL THE DANG TIME. i wear it at least once a week right now

The Dancer and i compared legs. "My bruises almost match your tan."

Oh what’s that? You want to see my face? Well, sure!

somewhat reminds me of photos from the 50's....but with color.

You do anything fun with your saturdays?

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